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Boost your confidence with Mane Coon Grooming Essentials

About Mane Coon Men's Grooming Essentials

About Mane Coon

Mane Coon is on a mission to upgrade your grooming routine from a mandatory everyday task into a pleasurable experience with men’s grooming essentials that keep up with your lifestyle.

Mane Coon firm hold pomade


Look sharp and keep your hair on point with Mane Coon’s oil-based firm hold, low shine pomade that is formulated with extra nourishing ingredients to help keep your hair healthy.

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Mane Coon solid perfume

Solid Perfume

Smell great and be confident with Mane Coon’s long lasting solid perfume. Take it with you in your breast pocket, gym bag, or briefcase and freshen up anytime, anywhere.

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