Best Hairstyles for Men with Short Hair

Remember the time when everyone wants to have long hair and you spend hours styling yours to perfection? Good times, right? But wasn’t it such a hassle to keep, too? These days, men are choosing hairstyles for short hair. And why not? Short hair is so much easier to style and maintain.

Here are some of today’s most popular hairstyles for short hair.

Comb Over Pomp with Low Fade and Edge Up

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Can’t decide between a modern and classic look? A comb over pomp with low fade gives you both. You know you had a good cut if you don’t see any hard lines and the fade looks clean and natural. Your part should also be nice and even all the way through. To achieve a good pomp, use a generous amount of pomade and apply it evenly on your hair. Follow the natural pattern of your hair while combing the back and sides. Use a wide-tooth comb to style your hair. For the pompadour look, comb the front upwards and slightly to the side.


Quiff is one of the classic hairstyles for short hair. It’s so versatile that it also works perfectly for men with long and medium-length hair. To rock this iconic look, create a straight side part and comb a bulk of your hair against the natural grain. Blow dry it upwards to achieve volume and height. Work a small amount of firm hold, low shine pomade on your hair for a textured and more natural look.

Bald Fade with a Side Part

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Bald fades are popular hairstyles for short hair. Both young and older men love fade cuts as they stretch time between haircuts.  If you have a round, wide, or diamond-shaped face, a high bald fade would especially look good on you. A low bald fade, on the other hand, gives you a clean cut that would still look great  as your hair grows out.

Crew Cut

Another iconic hairstyle for men is the crew cut. Come to think of it, this is probably one of the first hairstyles we all had growing up. It looks great on all types of hair and shapes of face. For a relaxed and natural look, use a low shine pomade to style a crew cut. Avoid using gel as it could result to clumping especially if you have thin hair.

Slick Back Undercut

Rocking a slick back hairstyle for men depends on how good your barber is, which is why it’s important to have a go-to barber you trust. Some barbers confuse the undercut of this hairstyle with a taper cut. Let your barber know you want a single hair clipper length for the undercut.

When styled right, a slick back undercut could easily become one of your favorite hairstyles for short hair. To do a classic slickback, comb your hair back until you’re satisfied with how flat it is. The height of a classic slickback should not be more than one inch from the scalp. If you want a bit more height, go for a modern slickback by combing your hair with your fingers instead of a comb to add volume.

Textured Crop

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A textured crop is one of the most versatile hairstyles for short hair you could go for if you don’t want to look like you’re trying too hard. With an ample amount of pomade, simply run your fingers slightly upward through your hair for a little lift and volume.

Hairstyles for short hair aren’t boring. There are still a lot of things you could do without wasting too much time styling it. The key is to have the right grooming tools and pomade to keep your hair in place. Try any of these today and show us what you got!