How to Use Pomade for Your New Haircut

So you’ve recently had your hair cut and are excited to try the latest hair trends for men. Before you start experimenting, make sure you have the perfect hairstyling product that can do the job. Here’s everything you need to know about pomade for men and how to use pomade for your new haircut.

What is Pomade?


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Pomade is a hairstyling product that lasts longer than others. Its stiffening properties allow you to try a wide variety of looks for men, such as pompadour hairstyles, that aren’t possible with other products. In the past, pomade for men is often made with beeswax, petroleum jelly, and lard. These days, however, you can get them as oil-based, water-based, and even clay-based (more on this below).

How to Use Pomade?

When you think about it, this should be pretty straightforward right? Apply on hair then style and you’re good to go. Well, not exactly. When learning for the first time how to use pomade for your new haircut, consider three things: (1) amount to use, (2) the wetness —or dryness— of your hair, and (3) the right technique to apply pomade for men so you can get the most out of it.

Wet Hair or Dry hair

Ahhh, the never ending debate between wet hair and dry hair application. If you’re using the traditional oil-based pomade for men, the answer is neither. Instead, apply it on damp hair. Towel drying your hair to get rid of excess water should be enough.

When your hair is too wet, it’s going to be hard to distribute the oil-based pomade evenly as it will simply glide on your hair and could result in clumps. Hair that is too dry could absorb too much of the product, which could make it a lot difficult to style.

 How Much to Apply


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How much pomade to use for your hair would depend on the style that you’re trying to achieve and of course, how much hair you actually have. That said, we recommend starting with a small amount — think the size of a 1-peso coin. Add more as needed.

The key to knowing how to use pomade for your new haircut is understanding that little goes a long way. You wouldn’t want to start with a dollop of pomade and then realize you’ve put on too much.

How to Apply Pomade

Get a small amount on your fingertips, spread it on your palm, and gently rub between your palms to warm it up.  With both hands, massage the pomade unto your hair from root to tip. At this point, you don’t worry about styling your hair yet. Focus on distributing it evenly on your hair.

Once the pomade has been evenly distributed, start working on your desired hairstyle. For a basic look, you may use your fingers to style your hair. For a more complicated hairstyle or an elaborate pomp, use a comb to achieve the look.

Types of Pomades

Pomade for men comes in different holds, shines, and bases. Your choice would depend on the type of your hair, your needs, and the styles you want to achieve. Here are your options when figuring out how to use pomade for your new haircut.

Types of Bases

  • Oil-Based Pomade – Oil-based pomades are the more traditional pomades. Compared with other bases, oil-based often lasts longer and have stronger holds. They are perfect for neat and sleek look. Many prefer oil-based ones, as they are versatile and could practically be used for all types of hair and hairstyles. A lot of veteran  pomade users also like how oil-based pomades could create build-up on your hair, making it easier to style even after taking a bath. An oil-based pomade is a good starting point if you’re just learning how to use pomade for your new haircut.
  • Water-Based Pomade – Unlike oil-based pomades, water-based pomades are a lot easier to wash off and don’t cause build-ups. They make your hair flexible enough that you could restyle it easily throughout the day. The downsides are they don’t last long and have a weaker hold than other varieties.
  • Clay Pomade – Clay pomades are often made with a base combination of beeswax and bentonite clay. Like oil-based pomades, clay pomades for men can be used for complex styles and tighter looks. You could also use them for textured looks. Unlike their oil-based counterparts, they create a matte finish. If you don’t want a noticeable part, this could be the pomade for you.
  • Cream Pomade – This type of pomade lets you achieve a more natural look. It is lightweight and could easily smooth out frizz.

Types of Holds

  • Low-Hold Pomade – This is perfect for fine hair and simple hairstyles that don’t need a lot of height.
  • Medium-Hold Pomade – Medium-holds are known for their adjustability and comfort. You could create more looks with it compared with a low-hold pomade for men.
  • Firm-Hold Pomade – A firm-hold is a versatile type of pomade for men that lets you create simple to complex looks while giving your hair the flexibility it needs so you could restyle it throughout the day. It is strong enough to hold and maintain height, too.
  • Heavy-Hold Pomade – Heavy-holds are great for hairstyles that require height and other complex looks. If your hair must keep its shape for a long time and must absolutely withstand activities and wind, heavy-hold is the way to go.

Types of Shines


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Pomade for men comes in a variety of shines. The key is to remember that anything with “shine” reflects light, making your hair look glossy or wet. Anything that says “matte,” means it absorbs light and therefore will not make your hair look glossy. It really just depends on how you want your hair to look. If you’re going for the sleek, wet look, go for a medium- or high-shine, which is quite common with heavy-holds. For a more natural look but with a bit of gloss, go for low-shine pomade for men. Matte would be your choice if you’re looking for a natural, textured look.

Pomades and Hairstyles


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You’ll find a lot of looks for men’s haircuts. Knowing which type of pomade for men to use and how to use pomade for your new haircut would let you get the most of your new look.

  • Fade – Fades are fairly popular because they’re very low-maintenance. Depending on how long and how much hair you decide to have at the top, low-, medium-, and firm-hold pomades for men are great options to pull off this everyday, laidback style.
  • Slick back – One of the classic styles around, a slicked back could be what you need for a confident, put-together vibe. A medium- and firm-hold pomade would do for this style.
  • Pompadour Pomps and any hairstyle the require height need a pomade for men that could hold the shape of your hair effectively and for a long time. Most men would instinctively go for heavy-holds to achieve this style. However, you’ll find some firm-hold pomades that could manage a pompadour too, depending, of course, on how high you’d make the pomp.
  • Quiff, Comb Over and Textured – A firm-hold pomade for men is great for quiff, comb over, and textured hairstyles. If you want a natural look, choose a firm-hold and low shine pomade.

When it comes to pomade for men, you have hundreds of options on the market! The secret to finding the right pomade is understanding what you really need. Consider the type of your hair and your hairstyle and you could never go wrong. Once you’ve got that, have fun learning how to use pomade for your new haircut! You’ll be surprised with how much you can style your hair — and how easy it is to do — using the right pomade for men.

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